DAY 8 : 8,7 km/3-4 hrs walking

with the Panachradou detour & return included

  • From Menites to Mesaria, Panachradou Monastery & Vrachnou

    A beautiful route with impressive changes of scenery and intense relief from the foothills of Kouvara towards the 2nd highest mountain range of Andros-Gerakonas. The wooded gorgeous part parallel to the ravine of Menites with the array of watermills, the picturesque and historic villages of Menites and Mesaria, the arched bridge of Steichiomeni, the castle-monastery of Panachradou with its enchanting views towards the Big river valley and the charming Vrachnou village, are just some of the many attractions.

  • Way marking

    andros_lines_logo 1 18

  • Starting/ending point - Transportation

    Starting point : map point -9 Menites/ springs (via route 1a)

    Ending point : map point-10 Vrachnou parking

    By taxi from Chora to Vrachnou of from Chora to Menites approx. 10 € (Price level 2016)

    Taxis from Chora: +30 2282 0 22171, Taxis from Ormos Korthiou : +30 2282 0 62171

  • Drinkable water

    at Menites, Panachradou Monastery, Vrachnou

  • max/min altitude & difficulty level

    490/67 m

    activity-icon-hiking    moderate with some difficult parts longDistanceHikingTrail.small

  • Route condition

    open & fully way marked

  • Accommodation & Food

    accommodation : at Menites, Chora

    restaurants : Menites, Mesaria (short detour), Pahachradou Monastery (cantine during the summer period)

  • Useful tips

    • notice the array of watermills along the part from Menites to Mesaria
    • the branch that leads to Panachradou Monastery is an Andros Route detour from the main certified route, which continues towards Vrachnou village
    • there are 2 steep parts requiring attention along the route 18, the one exatcly after Prophet Daniel chapel towards Vrachnou and the other just a bit before Vrachnou where the route leaves a dirt track to turn right