Latest paths condition announcements !

2019 February

Due to severe rainfall the past few months of Andros as well as snow days, there have been some many incidences along the network where fallen branches partially block some paths. Our volunteers are currently checking the routes one by one and removing as much as possible these branches.

Also there is running water along some routes stretches and most of these routes are slippery so walkers must be wearing waterproof boots and be cautious.

Suggestions :

  • To avoid problems if you plan to hike on Andros during February or March please contact us before you plan to do a hike to provide to you up to date information. You can do this by sending an email at
  • Should you like to support our effort to provide up to date information to other hikers send us any remarks you may have about routes you walked and the nature of problems you have faced

Routes with problems currently recorded

  • Arni circular (fallen branches and running water in some stretches)
  • part of route 11 at Arni area (fallen branches and running water in some stretches)