DAY 10 : 6,6 km/2,5-3 hrs walking

  • From Ormos Korthiou to Upper Castle (Epano Kastro) & Dipotamata

    A route of great variety and wealth of rural landscapes connecting central with south Andros. The sharp relief, the picturesque villages, the famous Dipotamata ravine and valley with the numerous impressive water mills, the arched bridge and the Faneromeni castle are just some of the many attractions.

  • Way marking

    andros_lines_logo 3 3b

  • Starting/ending point - Transportation

    Starting point : map point -11 Ormos Korthiou

    Ending point : map point-12 Dipotamata exit close to Syneti (on the main road from Chora to Ormos Korthiou)

    from Chora to Ormos Korthiou By bus/4 euros- By taxi approx. 27 € (Price level 2016)

    By taxi from Chora to Syneti approx. 10-15 €

    Taxis from Chora: +30 2282 0 22171, Taxis from Ormos Korthiou : +30 2282 0 62171

  • Drinkable water

    at Ormos Korthiou, Kochylou, on a short detour along 3b towards Upper Castle

  • max/min altitude & difficulty level

    520/4 m

    activity-icon-hiking    moderate

  • Route condition

    open & fully way marked

    a bit muddy on a spot along 3b detour towards Upper Castle

  • Accommodation & Food

    accommodation : Ormos Korthiou

    restaurants : Ormos Korthiou

  • Useful tips

    • the Upper Castle plateau is quite expossed to strong winds so better avoid it when very windy
    • this is an ending stage of the Andros Route but one can continue hiking towards Chora via route 3 (without the company of the blue sign !)