The paths of Andros: types & difficulty levels

There are several types of paths and trails on Andros, stone or cement-paved.

Most of Andros’ paths are walled and are called in the local language “stenes” (plural), “steni” (singular).

Usually, when passing through settlements the paths are cement-paved though in rare cases they are maintained in their initial form – stone-paved.

Some connecting parts between several of the routes proposed are dirt tracks and some cases include small parts along asphalt roads. There are definitely many crossings of roads, either dirt tracks or asphalt in most of the routes, allowing hikers to start or end their hiking in many more spots then the ones proposed.
Andros is a mountainous island with a sharp relief. The highest mountain, Petalon, rises to 1,000m altitude. The paths of Andros are of small to medium difficulty level. Nevertheless most of the footpaths include steep parts, so one should keep that in mind.

Each of the routes presented on this website is characterised with a difficulty classification based on the standards of the European Ramblers Association

Transportation, parking & luggage service

Andros has not been adequately developed as a hiking destination yet. There are no special parking lots for hikers. Transportation to and from hiking routes can be mostly done by rented cars, taxis and buses. The
public buses itineraries mostly connect the major urban centres of the island between them and with the port of Gavrio. Only a few exist that serve the smaller villages and mostly during the summer period. Useful phone
numbers for buses and taxis and for renting cars, motorbikes or bicycles are listed here.

Many routes start from the major urban centres of the island, Chora, Ormos Korthiou, Batsi and Gavrio, so one may not need a means of transportation for starting a hike but rather after ending it. No specialized luggage service company exists on Andros for people wishing to organize trekking holidays. Groups of hikers requiring a luggage service contact us for a special arrangement.