Water, food and local products along the way

Lovely water springs, coffee shops or taverns may be available along some routes, but not in all, so always carry with you some water and a snack. Choose springs in higher parts for drinking, where the water usually has
better quality.

Andros’ local products are of great variety and quality. At the moment a few are standardized and offered officially in the local market; most are rather family produced and unofficially circulated. Ask either at local stores or at restaurants for the local cheeses, sausages, lamb and goat meat, wines and spirits (e.g. “raki”), olive oil, pickles, herbs, a great variety of traditional fruit sweet (“glyka koutaliou”) and almond sweets (“amygdalota”).

Sustainable tourism – being a responsible guest

– Wild life is part of Andros’ wealth; please avoid any actions damaging flora and fauna.
– In case of fire call +30 2282042199 and make sure you are safe!
– In case of health emergency +30 22820360000
– Please help us pass your comments on to the responsible authorities in order to improve the footpath network and management and local services. We would appreciate it if you could send us an email with your impressions or fill in the contact form.

o   Your opinion matters, thank you !